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Gadolinium and its alloys are the best material available today for magnetic refrigeration near room temperature since they undergo second-order phase transitions which have no magnetic or thermal hysteresis involved. However, moving away from rare earth metals and towards other materials including MnFeP1−xAsx has distinct cost and scarcity advantages. The development of this technology is very materials dependent and will likely not be able to replace vapor-compression refrigeration without significantly improved materials that are cheap, abundant, and exhibit much larger magnetocaloric effects over a larger range of temperatures. Ultimately, these materials will also need to undergo significant temperature changes with a field around two tesla or less so that permanent magnets can be used for the production of the magnetic field.  This article was provide by the Commercial Refrigeration Repair New York Proscommercial refrigeration repair new york

Some recent research has focused on the use of the process to perform refrigeration near “room temperature”. Constructed examples of room temperature magnetic refrigerators are listed in the table below:

Since restructuring of GEA Group, GEA Refrigeration Technologies constitutes one of the present six Segments of the Group. In this process, Goedhart moved to the Segment GEA Heat Exchangers.

One type absorbs heat by changing states e.g. liquid to a vapor. And the other type does absorb heat but stays in the same state e.g. a liquid that remains a liquid. Our every day life is very much dependent on refrigeration; we store our food in refrigerators for freshness. Hydrocarbons have been used in household refrigeration and some specialty applications for many years. Now a day the trend of using hydrocarbon refrigerant is quite high. There are good benefits of switching over to a hydrocarbon refrigerant.

Roll up Refrigeration Systems are a lot like Penthouse Refrigeration Systems except they are rolled up to an opening in the side of the walk-in and attached to the unit.

If you have a reach in cooler, beverage cooler, keg cooler, beer cave, walk in freezer, floral display cooler, etc., the above information may be slightly different. Please call Commercial Refrigeration Repair New York Pros with any questions!

It would be entirely correct to say that Marc Refrigeration has successfully mastered the art of good and efficient refrigeration. And from the look of things, it is going to remain like this for long time to come.

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The basic idea of Refrigeration first came from the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Which states that “Its Impossible to transfer heat form a lowers temperature body to a higher temperature body without the help of any third agent”. This law introduced the idea of Refrigeration and need of a refrigerant to transfer heat from the hot body to cold body.

Since 1991 the company is part of GEA Group. Step by step, the company acquired other companies and rounded off its portfolio of products and services. In 1993 GEA Refrigeration Technologies bought GEA Grenco, a manufacturer of refrigeration systems for the food/beverages and marine industries. One year later, GEA Refrigeration Technologies acquired the compressor specialist Kühlautomat Berlin GmbH (KAB, formerly VEB Kühlautomat Berlin).In 1995 the company was joined by the Italian compressor producer GEA Refrigeration Italy S.p.A. In 2004 GEA Refrigeration Technologies acquired Goedhart Holding BV, a Dutch maker of air coolers and refrigeration coils. In 1999 the company ILKA MAFA Kältemaschinenbau GmbH – producer of piston and screw-compressor chillers – became a member of GEA Group.

The history of GEA Refrigeration Technologies began in 1858, when Willem Grasso founded his forge Willem Grasso Stoomsmederij in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Grasso began by manufacturing steam machines and tools, followed by steam hammers and butter-making systems. His son Henri took over the flourishing business in 1894.

Penthouse Refrigeration Systems are like Standard Top Mount Systems except they do not have an evaporator coil sticking down inside the walk-in. The air inside the Walk in freezer is drawn up through the evaporator coil located with the condensing unit on top of the walk-in to be cooled.

Refrigeration systems like walk-ins can be purchased with lower up front cost.Remote systems are the least expensive systems to purchase. They consist of a condensing unit, evaporator unit.

Unit of Refrigeration: The unit of Refrigeration is is called Tonne of Refrigeration. A tonn of refrigeration means The cooling effect obtained by the melting of 1000kg of ICE from 0°C to 0°C water. For practical use 1 tonne of Refrigeration= 210 kJ/min or 3.5kW.

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